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Welcome to my Blog!! I want to thank my inspiration - Gabriel, Gabriela and Alesandra...without them I would have nothing to crop! Additionally, I need to thank my BSF, Cie, as she has enabled me to buy my Big Bug "Lili Cie". Lili Cie doesn't get to chirp as much as I would like her to, but in 2009 this will change. My goal will be 100 Layouts and 200 cards. Thanks for visiting and come back soon! Be sure to sign my guestbook!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award...WOW!~!

So, just when I thought no one ever paid attention to me or my blog (I truly use it for random rambling and to show MOM my projects - same as when I was 5)...I get the nicest post from one of the most creative people I know!!!! Ted, thank you so very much for such a "SWEET" gesture. (He liked my Grande Altered Hershey Bars)

I feel like I just won the academy awards or something...LOL... I am aww struck...(and that doesn't happen every day!!!!!)...I'd like to thank.....(ok ok just a joke...I will get on with it here...)

So now, I think I am supposed to list seven (7) of my favorite things/people:

(I am supposed to keep this going, right???)

1 - God
2 - My family...all of them...I love them so much.
3 - My Friends, but especially my BFF & BSF
4 - Sunshine
5 - Spare time (it is so precious and I don't seem to get much of it - EVER)
6 - Paid time off work
7 - Margaritas...oh yeah, and chocolate. :)

And now I'm supposed to nominate seven (7) Kreativ Bloggers of my own (and I assume I can't nominate the one that nominated me...cause you know he'd be on here - he is quite the crafter!)

Here they are (in no particular order):

2 - Enfys - Going Buggy
3 - Michelle - bcr8iv
4 - Robyn - The Pink Stamper - love those videos!
5 - Jen - Jens Paper Creations
6 - All4Sydney - Have you seen those amazing dresses????
7 - Kim K - The Original Scraplifter


Enfys said...

Thank you so much for thinking of me, and well done on getting the award. I have just been reading through and only just realised that Lily Cie is your BUG. I thought it was one of your children. Duh!!
Enfys x

michelle said...

Thankyou so much for the award!! your blog is wonderful and you are very deserving of the award !



Cheryl said...

Speech, speech!!

Dream of Scrappin' said...

Julianna we miss you on the NO! Hw are you doing?

Could I ask a favor of you and any of your bloggie friends?
Please got to this website
and vote for me here. I am trying to win a desk for my scrappy space!
I would be forever grateful!
Thanks and Hugs!